A new challenge. PicUp: PPE

how to participate

What we’re doing.

In light of the Covid19 pandemic, we are facing a new form of litter. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is cropping up everywhere in our environment. We’ve launching a new challenge on Litterati to encourage people to document and (where safely possible) pick up items of PPE. An additional goal is to donate £1 for every photo submitted to the NHS. We plan to raise money through donations and sponsorship with a target of £2500 (2500 photos will allow us to create a large impactful image).

How do I take part?

There are two ways you can participate!

  1. If you want to document and pick up litter, you can download the Litterati app and connect to our challenge. Check out the image below for tips on how to do this.
  • iPhone users click here.
  • Android users click here.
  1. If you’d like to donate to our JustGiving page and support NHS Charities Together click the link below.

how to participate

2 thoughts on “A new challenge. PicUp: PPE

  1. Great concept – but there is no option to enter the code on the app. Please let us know how to join the challenge.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Apologies for the late reply!

      In the app, if you go to the Challenges tab and scroll down a bit, there is a button labelled “Join a challenge with a code”. If you tap that, you can enter the code PICUP-PPE to join our challenge.

      Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything else you need.


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