PicUpForLondon community project!

I have started a community project and I want YOU to get involved!

The short version:
I want you to take pictures of litter in your local area and post them to the social media pages below. From these pictures I’m going to create a huge photo mosaic. Read on to find out more.

The long version: 
Our streets and parks are choked with rubbish. It’s almost impossible to look anywhere these days without seeing some sort of litter. Despite the incredible work of the council and private waste teams, there seems to be a gap in how we relate to it individually.

This project has been set up to encourage people to submit photos of rubbish in their area, on their streets and in their parks. These will then be collated into a huge photomosaic to be displayed somewhere impactful (eg. train station, park, shopping centre). From a distance it will depict a local landmark, or pleasant scene, but upon closer inspection will reveal to be comprised of thousands of images of litter, highlighting that no matter how lovely our environment, it is always tainted with our waste.

The aim of this is to illustrate that an individual’s actions can make a difference. In the same way that each submitted photo will contribute to the big picture (literally!), each person’s awareness, responsibility and actions towards their own waste will contribute to a cleaner environment for all of us.

TO SUBMIT PHOTOS – Do one or both of the below:

1. Join my Litterati club and submit photos through the app!
No need to hashtag these, you can pick categories when you take the photo and the app geotags and uploads them to the group! It also contributes to their big data collection on litter!
Once you have downloaded the app and created an profile search for my club “PicUpForLondon”
Note: This app is a work in progress – there is not a whole lot of functionality behind the Club interface, but I will be able to collect all the photos from the developers!

2. Use social media

Be sure to use the hashtag #PicUpForLondon when posting! You can also send them directly if you prefer.
Instagram: @PicUpForLondon #PicUpForLondon
Twitter: @PicUpForLondon

If you want to find out more, would like to help beyond this, or have any advice, please get in touch!

Finally.. SPREAD THE WORD! I’m going to need a LOT of photos.

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