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Snap pictures of PPE


 2,500 pictures means we can:

  • Create an awesome photomosaic
  • Donate £2,500 to NHS

About us

PicUp are a London based environmental community project committed to created a culture where people take responsibility for litter. Through encouraging people to take small actions, our vision is a world where it is as rare to find a piece of litter on the ground as it is to find a £50 note.


In light of the recent Covid19 pandemic, we are facing a new form of litter. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is cropping up everywhere in our environment. We have launched a new challenge on Litterati to encourage people to document and (where safely possible) pick up items of PPE.


Our target is 2500 pictures and our goal is to donate £1 to the NHS for every photo submitted.

Our goals


This is our environment. How we treat it as individuals affects us all. Awareness of our own actions is the first step in transforming those actions.


Bringing people together around a common cause - the space we share as a community!


Where it all begins. As well as awareness around litter, education on how litter can be avoided in the first place it vital.

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